Upcoming Books

The books below are in development but the publication dates remain tentative, subject to a number of factors, not least my editor's red pen.  I also have a collection of short stories involving the main characters in the Decker's War series in development, however it will likely not be released before 2017.

The Warrior's Knife (Quis Custodiet #1)

Someone has murdered a trade envoy from the alien Shrehari Empire on Aquilonia Station, and all signs point to a Commonwealth Navy officer, Commander Hera Talyn, known to work for intelligence. Though found standing over the body with a bloody knife in her hand, she proclaims her innocence in the face of evidence that might not be anything more than circumstantial. With seventy years of hard-won interstellar peace hanging in the balance, and confronted with a murder involving both an alien diplomat and a member of the armed services, Chief Superintendent Caelin Morrow of the Commonwealth Constabulary’s Professional Standards Branch is assigned to the case at the Navy’s request.

With a reputation for being hard-nosed and incorruptible, Morrow will either absolve Commander Talyn or send her to a premature doom. But first, she has to navigate through dark waters infested with powerful people determined to bring down the existing political order and deal with a ghost from her past. Failure was not an option. She had to give both her superiors and the Shrehari Empire incontrovertible proof of guilt, yet all she had was a splash of blood.

Introducing veteran Professional Standards investigator Chief Superintendent Caelin Morrow, The Warrior's Knife is the first novel in the Quis Custodiet series, a spin-off from Decker’s War, and occurs in parallel to Howling Stars (Decker’s War – Book 4).

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? – Who Will Guard the Guardians?

Coming October  2017