Upcoming Books

The books below are in development but the publication dates remain tentative, subject to a number of factors, not least my editor's red pen.  I also have a collection of short stories involving the main characters in the Decker's War series in development, however it will likely not be released before 2017.

Someone has murdered a trade envoy from the alien Shrehari Empire on Aquilonia Station, and all signs point to a Commonwealth Navy officer, Commander Hera Talyn, known to work for intelligence. Though found standing over the body with a bloody knife in her hand, she proclaims her innocence in the face of evidence that might not be anything more than circumstantial. With seventy years of hard-won interstellar peace hanging in the balance, and confronted with a murder involving both an alien diplomat and a member of the armed services, Chief Superintendent Caelin Morrow of the Commonwealth Constabulary’s Professional Standards Branch is assigned to the case at the Navy’s request.

With a reputation for being hard-nosed and incorruptible, Morrow will either absolve Commander Talyn or send her to a premature doom. But first, she has to navigate through dark waters infested with powerful people determined to bring down the existing political order and deal with a ghost from her past. Failure was not an option. She had to give both her superiors and the Shrehari Empire incontrovertible proof of guilt, yet all she had was a splash of blood.

Introducing veteran Professional Standards investigator Chief Superintendent Caelin Morrow, A Splash of Blood is the first novel in the Quis Custodiet series, a spin-off from Decker’s War, and occurs in parallel to Howling Stars (Decker’s War – Book 4).

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? – Who Will Guard the Guardians?

Coming Summer 2017

Covert missions are failing, Fleet officers are vanishing, and naval intelligence is losing its eyes, its ears, and the ability to strike at its foes. After Zack Decker and Hera Talyn, the Special Operations Section’s most deadly agents, narrowly escape betrayal once again, the Marine suspects something more than back luck is in play. For years, the Fleet has been fighting a shadowy cold war against factions in the Commonwealth determined to strangle democracy and give birth to an empire. Has that war turned hot without warning? In a quest for answers, Zack Decker volunteers to undertake his riskiest mission yet. With treason rampant at the heart of the Fleet, perhaps even within naval intelligence itself, he and Talyn must disappear until they discover the identity of their unseen enemies.

Along the way, Decker will come face to face with humanity’s worst impulses and its noblest spirits. And though he can’t trust his colleagues and superiors, other than his partner Hera, he knows he can always trust his Pathfinder comrades to stand tall against disloyalty. The Marine Corps’ elite will gladly join him in teaching traitors the real meaning of unrestrained covert warfare. After all, spy or not, Zack Decker is still one of the Few.

Coming August 2017