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Chief Superintendent Caelin Morrow of the Commonwealth Constabulary is the most hated cop in the entire Rim Sector. And with excellent reason. She heads the Sector’s Professional Compliance Bureau, which hunts for corrupt Commonwealth officials, whether they’re police officers, members of the military, judges, bureaucrats, and even colonial governors. Her unit also investigates Constabulary officers destined for senior appointments, to make sure they’re not hiding a propensity for taking bribes, abusing their powers, or worse.

When Mission Colony’s governor complains about the man recently appointed as head of her star system’s Constabulary unit, Deputy Chief Constable Maras turns to Caelin Morrow because something doesn’t smell right. Morrow vetted Assistant Commissioner Braband less than a year earlier, and he came up squeaky clean. Honest cops don’t go bad in the space of a few months.

But within hours of landing on Mission Colony, Morrow and her team must take charge of a murder investigation before a precarious situation spirals out of control. The case, involving the star system’s leading citizens and highest officials, will lead them into the rotten heart of colonial darkness. There, corruption, organized crime, and espionage combine in a deadly brew that threatens not only Morrow’s very existence but the political stability of an entire sector.

Coming August 2020


Coming Autumn 2020

Ashes of Empire: Imperial Echoes

The collapse of humanity’s first interstellar empire is passing into legend, perhaps even myth, now that the ones who remembered those tumultuous years have merged with the Infinite Void. Tiny Lyonesse, the self-appointed guardian of all human knowledge, slumbers in its wormhole cul-de-sac as it slowly expands its strength and numbers in preparation for a return to the galaxy.

However, unbeknown to the republic which cut itself off from the rest of the universe generations earlier, a handful of worlds at the former empire’s core also survive and grow stronger. The Wyvern Hegemony is everything Lyonesse avoided becoming. A brutal military dictatorship ruling through terror and the misuse of the Void Sisters’ unique abilities, it too harbors the ambition of reuniting humanity, but under its own black and silver flag.

The Hegemony doesn’t know about its rival yet, but that will soon change.

Coming early 2021