Upcoming Books

The Warrior's Knife (Quis Custodiet No 1)

Someone has murdered a trade envoy from the alien Shrehari Empire on Aquilonia Station, and all signs point to a Commonwealth Navy officer, Commander Hera Talyn, known to work for intelligence. Though found standing over the body with the murder weapon in her hand, she proclaims her innocence in the face of evidence that might not be anything more than circumstantial. With seventy years of hard-won interstellar peace hanging in the balance, and confronted with a murder involving both an alien diplomat and a member of the armed services, Chief Superintendent Caelin Morrow of the Commonwealth Constabulary’s Professional Compliance Bureau, also known as the Firing Squad, takes on the case at the Navy’s request.

With a reputation for being hard-nosed and incorruptible, Morrow will either absolve Commander Talyn or send her to a premature doom. But to do so, she must navigate dark waters infested by powerful beings determined to bring down the existing political order.  The fact that her former partner, an officer who resigned from the Constabulary under a cloud of suspicion seems to be involved, doesn’t make matters any easier.  Yet Morrow must give both her superiors and the Shrehari Empire incontrovertible proof of guilt and all she has to go on is a bloody warrior’s knife.

Introducing veteran Professional Compliance investigator Chief Superintendent Caelin Morrow, The Warrior’s Knife is the first novel in the Quis Custodiet series, a police procedural and murder mystery spin-off from Decker’s War.  The events in this novel occur in parallel to Howling Stars (Decker’s War – Book 4).

Will Chief Superintendent Morrow answer the age-old question Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? – Who Will Guard the Guardians?  Or will she face the sort of failure sure to end a long and honorable career?

Coming November 2017

Without Mercy (Siobhan Dunmoore Book 5)

Old friends, old enemies and a mystery worthy of Siobhan Dunmoore’s sharp wit turn a routine patrol deep inside Shrehari-occupied space into a race against time and the odds.  Although powerful and deadly, the Q-Ship Iolanthe may finally meet her match, and even if she remains true to her motto “We Strike Without Warning,” it might not prove to be enough.

Coming Spring 2018